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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 24, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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sf. >> thousands of people lining fifth avenue new york city cheering the pope as he makes his way to st. patrick's cathedral. >> good evening. >> i'm dan ashley. amma is covering the pope in new york tonight. there is unprecedented security much of new york city is on lock did you know. >> during the visit he will hold a mass in madison square garden. >> we are live outside saint patrick with the story. marsy. >> if good evening. nypd calls this the biggest security operation for them ever. keeping the pope safe here on his second stop of his first trip ever to the u.s. >> true new york welcome the for pope francis. >> thousands of people lining
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fifth avenue to catch a glimps glimpse. >> he's all about love and upsing and tolerance. >> humble leader of the catholic church and champion for the pr make his way along the ritzy street. >> welcome to santa patrick's cathedral. continue. the stunning cathedral fresh off 200 million dollar renovation the montive sharing a message about gratitude, the pontiff. >> gratitude and hard work. these are 2 pillars of the spiritual life. >> after today address to congress touching on difficult vice i have issue including the death penalty and climate at change. >> god bless america. >> this evening sinful prayers as pope francis brought his characteristic warmth to the
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big apple. >> once you entered those famous doors on fifth avenue tu by him an official new yorker. fight and tomorrow will be another very full day starting with the pope addressing the un general assembly. live in new york marsy abc news. >> now become to you. >> thank you marsy reporting leif from st. patrick's cathedral in new york. >> marsy mention the pope spoke to joint session of congress today in washington. he called for compassion toward immigrant and issued a cull to action on global warming. >> he also launch vigorous defense of life at every stage. here's tv amma reporting from washington, d.c. >> it's much quieter here tonight than earlier today when pope francis addressed the nation using the word we and us pope francis spoke to the american people using blunt optimism encouraging congress to take the lead. second he washington you could in the pope had congress attention.
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>> magnificent. he spoke to congress like only he could do. >> i heard what i wanted to hear. i wanted to hear the message of peace of love of compassion and caring about each other and particularly those that are on the outside. >>reporter: his message touched on climate at change. plate of the poor and immigration. issues front and center on the congressional stage. >> he clearly resonates with people he's not afraid in that chamber to say things that republican members probably didn't care for when he addressed climate at change then when he addressed if the importance of sanction ty of life probably people on my side of the aisle who had some levels of discomfort for. tha that. >>reporter: pope francis wrapped up the speech calling on america to lead the way in solving the world problem by following the golden rule. >> do unto others as you would would have them do unto you. >> there was a very if important moment i think the
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for the entire world to hear. >>reporter: whether democratic minority and republican majority can meet in the middle remains to be seen. >> lord hope sorry, bay area will you makers are hopeful. >> we have to do this together. i think at the time pope he sent out a call in a very the deep, kind, gentle way. >>reporter: in washington, d.c. abc 7 news. >> the thanks so much amma. we have extensive coverage of the pope visit on our web site from photo gallery to blog updates on our web site for look at all of the content. >> there is a lieutenant on there for you on this subject. let's move on. 2 men rescued a man who couldn't walk from burning home in vallejo. smoke and flames urpo out of the home on kentucky street 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. 2 men inside. one go out on his own and had second and third degree burns. city employee and man passion by pulled out the second man who was not able to
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walk because he is a double amputee. he was not hurt. now to the latest on the valley fire in lake county where a mandatory evacuation order for the anderson springs neighborhood has been lifted. resident allowed to return to the homes as of 5:00 o'clock tonight. cal fire now puts the number of structure destroyed in the valley fire at more than 1900. more than 1200 homes are included in that number. containment now at 85 percent. one of those anderson springs evacuee about to begin new life together with fiance when the fire hit. ken weaver just gotten gauged to pat burg after 63 years apart. she was supposed to move into his home. this home has now burned down. which means instead of moving in together, well, they are going to rebuild together. >> didn't have her right now. >> i would probably be a basket case. if. >>reporter: at the middletown senior center 25 government agency are set up to help people in lake county who lost everything. evacuation center
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at the napa county fairgrounds closed today to evacuee. >> we heard so many stories of so many hero of the valley fire and one person who deserve as lot of gratitu is dr. jeffrey smith. veterinarian and he's helped countless animal since the fire broke out almost two two weeks ago. that means life is a little better for the people there. here's wayne freidman. fight hi guys. how are you doing. >>reporter: let's talk silver lining. everywhere in middletown and lake county. actually hard to miss if you keep your eye open. >> it's been remarkable in a million different way >> as dr. jeffrey smith of the middletown animal hospital. >> let's look in there. another day another fire victim. this time pit bull named if michael. somebody shot him in the leg two days after the fire. the owner if does not know who did it or why only that his dog is in pain. >> we heard him cry next to my dad's room. >>reporter: one more tough story in a community guild them which 80's dr. smith an his
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staff have worked practically non-stop to help some 500 animals by now. they are important because people can really rely on them as source of solace. >>reporter: when most animal arrive staff rarely know names this badly burned little kitten found alone in a garage. this dax sunday wandering in the local grocery store. jennifer has been hear since day one. >> exhausting but so worth it. >> hospital helping fair victims who do have their pet. jennifer nelson and hayden lost their home but at least shorty and creek vet a roof over their head. small gift and gesture mean a lieutenant right now. >> i'm scared. sfichlt had to start over. >> big help because if not, i don't know i don't know what i would really do. >> in tough times if best to keep the friends around. from middletown abc 7 news.
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>> if san francisco firefighters are angry at their chief tonight. they believe she should have done more to help fight the fire in lake county. if vic lee has the story. >> driest year in 500 years in california we are not prepared to send extra resources to help our neighbors. >> when folk cull for help they are calling because they are open fire. i personally apologies for our leadership failure to provide assistance to the rest dents of like county. >> how ironic for assistant fire chief tom the who started as firefighters 40 years ago in middletown lake county. valley fire was personal. >> we had a neighboring county that was in the middle of the biggest disaster they ever had. >> blake county asked for immediate help for san francisco to send a strike team 5 engine, 20 firefighters and team leader. fell went to his superiors. >> we are 90 minutes away from being able to provide them help and at every turn i was told we are in the diagnose to do it.
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>>reporter: he was told that san francisco already had a striking team at the butte fire in the county and lake county in the part of the city immediate mutual aid partner. spokesperson if said this nevertheless the chief was able to send one engine company now she spent a lot of time the looking for resources tuberculosis able to send up there. >>reporter: she also says sending another strike team would havement closing a fire station which the chief can not do under a city ordinance. if those who testified didn't buy that. they say morally and professionally wrong not to respond to neighbor in need. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thanks vick. police in berkeley arrested a man accused in a violent hammer attack. it happened during the black life matter demonstration on schaad avenue last december. during the chaos outside radio shack last december a man named jane wall frer oakland struck
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another man trying to stop vandalism to the store. >> unprovoked attack where somebody kim through the crowd. it struck the victim in the face while holding a hammer in his hand. >>reporter: he's charged with assault with deadly weapon. serious injuries and he was transported to the hospital. >> uc berkeley police were involved in sexual assault happened early today. police say the victim met 2 men whom she already knew apparently. after the men offered to walk her home police say they assaulted her as they entered the campus. one man described as latino maybe white 23 to 29 years old. 5 foot 9 with a medium build dark eye collar length curly brown hair and wearing a baseball cam. other man in his 30's with medium build all black kiring a backpack. >> san jose police officer who was charged with raping a woman while open duty has now welcome back fired. department announce dad 40-year-old jeffrey graves is no longer with the force. graves cuss
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odd of raping a woman on duty in 2013 after he drove her to the a hotel following a domestic dispute she had with her husband. he has been in jail since mid march wait to go go on traichlt massive stream of water shot into the sky in san francisco this evening happened after car struck hydrant that fell into divide. she knocked it over then driving over it. you can see the geyser water sent into the air. sf firefighters quickly arrived on scene and they got the water shut off. >> amazing how shall pressure 30's. >> much more ahead coming up. alert for volkswagen owners do you have one of these vehicle. why you could run in trouble the next time you try to renew the next time you try to renew your registration >>reporter: if you thought other concert were allowed look who is next to rock out at at&t paivrjt speaking of rocking out. drew is here with the weather. >> what a spike in the heat
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today exploratorium got up to 90 degrees these nearly 20 degrees above normal. but this warmth hang on for so long. look at the changes in the accu-weather forecast. >> licenses already forming for the new i-phone
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for over 30 years, in study after study, advil is unsurpassed in pain relief. nothing is proven stronger on aches and pains than advil. not tylenol. not aleve. nothing. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. >> if you one a volkswagen you
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may have issues when it comes time to renew your visit to the dmv. the scandal is not just affecting the company it may put the brake on registration renewal too. rick has the story. many. >> as if the owner of volkswagen and audi didn't have enough to worry about. department of motor vehicle may prevent californians from renewing the registration until the car has been fixed. l fight we weren't aware of that. so we have to look into that and see what we can do. >>reporter: the epa says the true emission of 2009 to 2015 vw and audi diesel up to 40 times the legal limit. so it's a cinch those cars will not pass california mission test required by the dmv unless repair made. >> dmv basically just watching this situation very, very closely. >>reporter: vick is german car mechanic who happens to own a vw diesel. he just learned of the possibility he can't get
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the carlined at renewal. >> if the registration becomes an issue the value will plumme plummet. if lake i said kind of 0shocked that fi heard this 2 minutes ago. >> 27 states attorney general including california harris are opening multi-state investigation into volkswagen. audi owner in l.a. failed a federal law suit against volkswagen for falsely marketing the cars as eco-friendly. also today the department of justice issued this statement. we take these allegations and their potential am implication for public health and air pollution in the united states very seriously. volkswagen not set up recall plan yet. once they do, it will be up to the owner to bring the car in for repairs which will be at no cost to them. but there is some concern that while the repair will improve emission the car fuel economy and performance may take a hit. >> might have to detype the power open the vehicles. to get
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the mileage to where they should be the at the emission. kind of balance everything out. >>reporter: rick was reportin reporting. palo alto resident understandably shaken tonight after bed bugs temporarily closed their public library. mitchell branch not open for two days now. city doesn't know where the bed bug came from but best control trying to get rid of them. >> this is last place i expected because it's one of the best library fight our patron have concern about any book they may have checked out they can just put them in a plastic zip lock bag and bring them to another class e.there's inform wren the bed bug traveled in book to other branches. canine check them out just in case. if cher set to open. they are hoping that acdc won't shake them all night long tomorrow. medical 93 has more on how officials are hoping to address noise plugs
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concerns before the concert. >> free rolling stones billy joel or acdc concert right at home might sound nice at the surface. she says for her it's not. she lives in lower portrero hill about a mile from the park. she says her window have shaken for hours on end including when the stones came to town in 2005. >> there was an old commercial for a company that make if like the win was coming. >> she's geragos up friday night concert and hoping she dent have to good elsewhere. >> these concerts that are just so loud you can't even be in your own home at night it's really unfair. >> officials with giants enterprise agree. v p hunt says they have taken steps to mitigate noise club l. >> we had l l readings out in the neighborhood. >>reporter: the redings help
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set audio lebls. >> sometimes technician reinvent the whole. >> we can make some adjustment on site it's not as easy as turning down a volume knob. >>reporter: which unfortunately means she may need the air plug again. >> i'll not say who i lake but this is an issue about sound pollution. >> in san francisco, melanie abc 7 news. >> this is not the start to fall that i expected speaking of ac. >> no drew is here with the forecast. >> the i'm coming tower place you. >>reporter: folk up to 90 earlier today. heat peek slowly cool off into the weekend. it's hot tomorrow. look at the numbers. quiet pack it love night outside. live look we go. bright lets and financial district in downtown san francisco. we call this the coastal heat spike out there santa cruz over
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the past 24 hours yesterday was warm today l call it hot out there. 29 degrees better today than yesterday. same story in san francisco. 90 downtown pacifica 19 degrees warmer monterey 18 degrees warmer. half machine bay 16. watsonville monterey coming in 14 and 16 degrees warmer today. than we were yesterday. leif look outside the roof top camera seeing you the san francisco bell on the water all lit up to say going night and wall out there at 68 degrees. oak rand 69. 72 mountain have you. 73 san jose. morgan hill 77. half machine bay at 64 degrees. emeryville camera showing you equally delightful picture. lots of light shining off no low cloud right now. napa 72. novato 64 degrees. fairfield 76 and 82 livermore coming in at 79. i love the shot from the tower cam are downtown san francisco all lit up and the forecast feature call for the warmth to hold on for one more difficult. not as hot as we were did but still
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rather mild in terms of september news. graduate cooling trend in the weekend then cooler pattern really dm andrea yates much of early next week. here's live doppler 7hd along with satellite still 2 areas of high pressure. bring us above average temperature. good news the heat peaked today. we are tracking the cold front right here that will slade in over the weekend and bring us cooler numbers into much of early next week. so the week ahead livermore take for example we are above normal tomorrow. in the 90's. 95 on friday. into on saturday then dip down below average by tuesday and really wednesday of next week. midweek chill compared to these temperatures. plenty of stars out there. moon lit sky gone evening temperatures in the mid 50's to low 60's overnight then high for tomorrow. 90 cupertino. 94 for morgan hill. along the peninsula 83 san mateo o. 77 half man bay. tomorrow downtown san francisco 80. 75.
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daly city plenty of sunshine. north bay to 93 in santa rosa. 76 for stinson beach, 89 for sonoma. union city fremont and hishing lease and inland still rather hot in the 90's. 95 livermore and 94 auto up tomorrow then she wanted to say goodbye then monday tuesday few clouds well below normal that continues early wednesday nude thursday then by the weekend looking very nice. believe it. okay is almost here. >> i can't. all the stores are decked out with all the halloween stuff already. some even christmas. >> sorry about the candy. >> don't rush me. >> there you go. tivlt if candy. em. >> artist joining forces with children to butt tie
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>> oakland artist and school kids joining forces to beautify their community. we want to show you professional artist paint ago huge mural beneath interstate 5 80 in oakland. middle schoolers actually came up with the design itself depicting themselves as super heroes. fix week the teenagers will join the pose for few hours and help them paint. all part of what they call oakland super hero mural project. >> this is challenging questio question. if the was a surveillance video of your child being mistreated would you want to see tonight furthermore would you have a right to see tonight san mateo county father has had a hard time getting answer from his police in a case involve his son with autism and trusted adult so he called the i-team and dan has been digging in the case. special i-team investigation coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on
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channel 7. be sure to stun in to see thaivlt another 30 minute of 7 news at 9:00 is next. >> terrible tragedy tonight on bridge in seattle. tour bus collision claims 4 lives. >> new numbers showing donald trump slipping in the poll who is making a mav. >> i-phone anticipation. why wait in line when you can send a robot. >> another half hour of ab
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for over 30 years, in study after study, advil is unsurpassed in pain relief. nothing is proven stronger on aches and pains than advil. not tylenol. not aleve. nothing. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. st sf. >> this is 7 news. >> we begin this half hour in seattle where 4 people are dead after a charter bus filled with students slammed into a duck boat full tourist. >> in addition to the death 12 people are critically injured many others minor injuries. neal explains what may have caused this tragedy. the.
9:31 pm
>>reporter: chaos on downtown seattle bridge. patients sprawled out on the ground. walking wounded and others hurt even worse being triage right in the middle of the road. >> i got out of my car and there were bodies just everywhere. >>reporter: all of them passengers of this duck tour vehicle and charter bus full of exchange students. both driving across seattle aurora brim. >> coming around the curve and pointing out the harbor and next thing i know veered out of control then we hit the bus here. >> tonight at least 4 are dead. all exchange students and more than 44 others injured. 9 of them critically. duck vehicle amphibious tour bus seen in city around cunt try appears to have speared the charter bus though unmostly clear who was at fault. 90 firefighters swarm the bridge. gaping hole in the side of the tour bus franly wielding gurney to dozens of ambulance. most injured were open that bus which was ripped open in the collision. >> we have approximately 30 what we term as walking wounde
9:32 pm
wounded. >>reporter: some witness seem to think the duck vehicle may have had some kind of problem right before the crash. >> shot ross all 3 lanes full speed no brake no nothing hit the bus. >> they drive and give the tour at the same time and they will look at the road that's pretty narrow and condition of the vehicle to see if mechanical problem might have caused all this. this is abc news seattle. >> in saudi arabia the death toll reached more than 700 from stamped during the annual muslim pilgrimage. apparently 2 waves of people bottle neck come petitioning to get through the same intersection. this is not the first time deadly stampede occurred during this time. 300 people killed in the exact same area nine years ago. >> china president tell ping arrived in washington greeted by the president at the white house and then the 2 men went out for a walk. they had an informal private meeting at
9:33 pm
blair house nearby. tomorrow the president will host a state dinner in his honest. "new york times"says the chip he's property will announce a cap on green house gas emission. this move is substantial bit world largest pollute tore reduce emission. >> russia putin meet with president on monday first face-to-face meeng in more than a year putin coming to the u.s. to speak at the united nations next week. white house meeting was scheduled at his request. >> now to the rest for the white house. their new poll numbers tonight with one poll showing republican candidate is quickly on the rise, not donald trump. the tom has more. >>reporter: tonight with new poll showing donald trump lead shrinking his newly em bold raveal calling him out as thin skin and ill informed. >> if i quit talking to all the people who attack m me i would have crawled under a rock long ago. these part of it. >>reporter: new poll showing fiorina now in second place in new hampshire. and just behind
9:34 pm
her mark rubio also taking aim at trump. >> not well informed on the issues. never talk about issues and can't have more than 10 second sound bite on any key issue. he's touchy insecure game. all week trump ripping in the competition. >> rubio i have never seen a young guy sweat that much. he's drinking water water water never saw anything like this with him and the water. >> today trump fending off new accusations of sexism after this comment about hillary clinton. >> and hilary who has become very shrill you know the word shrill. she's become shrill. >>reporter: trump incision he with say the same thing about a man. >> i think the word shrill doesn't apply to women exclusively. she's gotten very will you do. she is gotten very boisterous and that can happen to men too. >>reporter: if tom reporting. medical emergency involving the federal reserve chair turned out to be dehydration. janet was giving a speech on is inflammation at the university of mass today when she paused. cuffed a up couple of times and
9:35 pm
appeared toless her place. she then wrapped up the talk early and walked off the stage mchl emt check her out give her water and said she felt fine. that's what she told them. before falling ill she said interest rate hike sometimes later this year would be appropriate. >> nasdaq dipped 18 points today but that didn't dampen spirits in san francisco. fight lots of smiles as lieutenant governor newsom and golden state warrior if rang the closing bell. ceremony took place at the new nasdaq entrepreneur center on howard and first street. center provides training and rae sources for start up. >> anticipation growing around the world tonight for the release of apple newest i-phon i-phone. we were in san francisco at the apple store on stockton street in union square today. there are already at least 30 people in line. what we know is this. you cap bet on the line getting bigger and bigger until 8:00 a.m.
9:36 pm
tomorrow when the circumstances s officially goes on sale. enthusiast began waiting out front of the store yesterday afternoon. >> can you blythe. this is so funny. in australia enter praising woman has goten a robot to stand in line for her. you are looking at it. the hooked up interconnected i-pad parked it outside the store in sidney. she controls it she can go about normal life and row about the keeps the spot warm for her. >> we don't if he what the other folk in line think. >> some were friendly. others would knock it out of. >> apple fixing bug in i o s 9 the phone operating system obviously. spanish researcher discovered a lock screen bipass that allow anyone to get access to the contact and photo. it's complicated process that rodriguez demonstrated in a you tube video for all to see. there is another look screen bipass on an detroit. >> next at 9. bike benefactor.
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>> awesome. no bite. bicycle >> awesome. no bite. bicycle built by stunts are stolen
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>> well lesson for oakland students. bic they were fixing up for charity stolen last weekend believe it or not but today some oakland school children received replacement from the oakland police department. here's laura anthony. the. >>reporter: sometimes the worst of times can bring out the best in people. life lesson the kid from east bay innovation academy learn firsthand. three days ago the
9:41 pm
students learned their tools and many bikes they have been working on for weeks since school started were stolen out of this container. >> cut rate through it. >>reporter: bike they were fixing up to give to charity. >> we were bumped when everybody stole our old bike. people stole our old bike it was just sad. >>reporter: but today the stolen bike were replaced by these t.courtesy of the oakland police department. >> they bicycle came from our abandoned, lost bicycle progra program. some bike even donated by plaintiffs themselves. bro the their bike in from their own personal homes. >> could use oil and cleaning. >> not too function national but i think we could fix it in the lab. >>reporter: may not be the same bike since some need a lot of work. >> brake are kind of too close. because they need to be like like looseen.
9:42 pm
>> the kids grateful. the effort to help others will keep on rolling. >> i wouldn't say it's all okay but we are definitely off to grit start for new year. >> in oakland abc 7 news. >> how great sthaichlt terrifi terrific. >> up next at 9:00. new home. >> super computer that is washington.
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>> greatest jeopardy player of all time is moving to san francisco. we are in the talking about ken jechblingts we are talking about his arch rival computer named with the son. sz jonathan bloom has the story. >> familiarity is said to breed this from the latin for despis despise. account son. >> what is contempt. >> cichblingt with the son was a fear some 0point. i write my name. >> 2 years ago i had my own shot to battle the super
9:46 pm
computer. if. >> is what whirlpool. >> could you go a little easier on me next time. it was you go limit imagine my joy to fine with the son looking to set up shop in the bay area. >> we had watson look at what is the right neighborhood for us. what about proximity to exceptional talent and innovation. that's clear. right. is the rent going to be if our budget. clearly not. all right. >> with the son decided new office would be south of market in san francisco. >> more venture capitol deployed in the zip code than anywhere on earth. >> for ibm logical choice to bring watson out natural world. >> start up in the company. excitement in the area. so that's why we are opening up the facility today. >> far cry from answer raised in the form of a question. answer with the son will help the start up provide that could keep your life less frustrated. >> daunting wine aisle to diagnose the research for new fantasy football. >> understand when a player being mentioned. understand
9:47 pm
what the sentiment for the player is. positive about aaron. >> understand is what on twitter. >> sun sunset a vin yard is it a ford mustang. >> managing pain. >> you indicate a lot of pain but you appear comfortable. you can see my emotion is surprise. >> with the son could help win the x prize for building device straight out of the movies. >> need people to diagnose you better than board certified doctors. >> i if you with the son was smart. in san francisco jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> the very nice. now for you plot 0nerd out there. nasa sent out a new batch of images from the new horizonfully by happened become in july. take a look. this one captured from bizarre geological feature. this is described asnake skin mountain because of the unique texas. show as stunning color
9:48 pm
mosaic that have trickle in. these structure and nasa says appears to be shrink glacial lake. because of the distance in the low power transmitter it will take more than a year forth image. >> so far away and somewhat if grit imagery. drou has pretty good pictures to share. >> i we have had water melon wet weather today. >> i love it. yes. it has been hotter than anything past couple days. temperatures 20 degrees above normal today in some spots and good news not a finance of the weather. start to see ill cool down over the next couple days. 87 in richmond. 89 oakland. 94 gilroy. 90 downtown san francisco. 95 in clever dale. tracking this the the over atlantic and cooler temperatures and new york city where the pope is the next couple days at 75 degrees.
9:49 pm
here this california tomorrow 100 press no. we begin the cooling trend but still rat warm out there. 80 in san francisco tomorrow. 88 san jose. 92 concord up to 33 santa rosa. accu-weather 7 day forecast show you mild form saturday but coloneler sunday and nice cool into monday tuesday of fix week. water melon weather lake that. >> that's what we are having i don't want. that pumpkin spice la tow. >> you'll get it soon. >> kids from the fire area are easing back that the school routine now on field trips this week. >> we were at the san francisco zoo at some 50 kids middletown indicated walk the lacking and touching the animal can provide this. >> students and staff from like county international charter schools who lost their homes. >> good opportunity for them to come and share their story and
9:50 pm
be with people they will have and trust and i i think item a really good way for them to come back to normal. >> kid also continue their outings. they will attend athletic scheme and visit the explore tomorrow. >> the please come. it would be great. >> talk sports. >> larry is with us. >> before we do. that did you call me a pluto nerd? because i like the planet. small undiscontinuing wished planet. why do we have to attack? >> so much hate. >> i know. pluto is nice. continue. >> if demoted for awhile. if wasn't even a planet orbiting junk. >> what is happening. >> in sports. madison has won world series mvp award but one world series mvp award but one milestone
9:51 pm
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a. >> coming up tonight at 11. dan noyes will join with us
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i-team investigation. bay area dad trying to see video showing school bus driver miss treating his son who is living with autism and the road block he's facing. >> robot waiting in line among apple devote for the new i-phone hours away from hitting store shelves. >> those stories and more coming up 7 news at 11:00 on coming up 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 i like wrought would the thing. >> very cool. larry is back. no way a row about the can replace you. >> management is working on it. believe me. we used to joke about this. i'm sure get drone 17 twchlt authority. haven't been able to get the inflection down but when it colonels. look out. all right here we good. i have a the serious the -- tell but plot 0later. giants chance of catching the comingers down to sliver of percentage point. focus is on individual come president clinton. madison lacking for
9:55 pm
19 win of the year in san diego on orange thursday. at petco park. crawford waiting seven week for this. finally. home run no. 20. stuck on 19 since august the seventh. 2 nothing giants. mad balm didn't have a game but solid 7 innings. fans 9. threw 120 pitches. bruce had to if to the bullpen and that's where things went terribly wrong. double down the line of sergio this tie it up at 4 appease no win for mad pwaum and padres won a few seconds ago on a walk off single. dodgers magic number now counsel to 3. a's trainings this afternoon. the man on just missed a he home run there rbi double texas jumps out to an early lead blair 6-3 double
9:56 pm
play. hamell 6 solid frames. top 8. martin inon the hill for oakland. fresh prince big boy got all of that 8-1. now 25 games under 500. first time since 1997. establish ford quarterback hogan went through light practice today figure ton a game design for the friday night back-to-back road kaiments gor establish ford. this place against usc. cardinal won 41-31 if he captain go they might start red shirt freshman if take already christ and hoping he can play but says he's not worried he can't. >> i feel confident with our second third street guys. sol we really weather you are a scout team or whether you are a
9:57 pm
starter or freshman. you need to practice you need to prepare like you are going into the game to start. >> for all the stanford challenge and highlights join us for after the game saturday night on cbn which kicks off at special. thompson is the new the person. he's on the left. st warriors tring camp stts next week. >> frain versus a brutal early season schedule and huge pass by several of them. they know open sunday. secondary is challenged. niners gave up a chopping 4 53 yard the to ben on the field. no pass rush. poor coverage down the heel. throwing the deep ball early and often on sunday and the coach nose the challenge on the road is big. >> we have a lot of work to do.
9:58 pm
i have never sf i haven't tried to fool nichbility we have a lot of work to do pt but we have guys willing to work and we are working. do i have faith tonight. yes. excited about the guys we have absolutely. >> thursday night football. giants redskins beckham wish i had hair like that. borter line unwatchable save you 3 hours cut it duvrn to 30 secon second. kurt cousin picked up by prince. 9 zip lead. had 5 mr. fold geel took place 18-6 after another pick. about amy now helmeted for the touch did you know. giants get the first win of the year 32-21. >> first round in atlanta. watson got one shoe offhere. started poorly finished at even par 70. day on fire lately. 3
9:59 pm
consecutive burdenie then on 5 it's human after all. t.shot for the trip and he triple boeinging the for 1 under 69. stenson 4 birdie and boeing he on xan and 2 shot lead over pall casey as they round to number. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> good field those. great players. >> thank you. thanks for joining news all of thanks for joining news all of us here we appreciate your tim >> 7 news continues on line on twitter on facebook all the twitter on facebook all the mobile device you cap find
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